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New Year, Refreshed Vision

2020 is upon us! Where did 2019 go and where did the last 10 years go? Life seems to be moving so fast these days (maybe the older we get if feels this way). But what was your vision for 2019? And what was your vision 10 years ago in 2010?


Ten years ago, in 2010, we officially started EmPoweredLiving International Ministries, by receiving our 501c3 non-profit status! Although Mary Beth and I were already putting on weekend conferences and ministering, part of our vision was to officially become a non-profit, and it happened. Our vision has always been to "Educate, Equip, and EmPower Christians to become all God has created them to be!"


Over the past 10 years, God has done some amazing things and the vision has continued to expand! We continue to offer conferences, but our focus has expanded! We truly are an international educational, discipleship, and humanitarian ministry! And our vision continues to expand, and yet stay focused!


(I'll be sharing more about the refreshed vision for EmPowered Living in another blog soon).

All of us have visions and dreams. Some are more driving and focused, while others are more hopes. Either way, God wants to give you and me fresh vision and sometimes, just refresh our vision!


Recently, I wrote an e-book about this, 5 Steps to Receiving Fresh Vision for Your Life! You can receive a copy for only .99 cents by downloading it...


As you and I begin 2020, let's receive fresh vision or refresh the vision God has given us!  God truly wants to download fresh vision in your life or resurrect a vision you’ve had for 2020!

So, start 2020 afresh, and download the 5 Steps to Receiving Fresh Vision for Your Life! and see the God will download in your life!

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